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14″ PipeKnife

  • 14″ PipeKnife

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Manufacturer Equalizer, Pipeknife

This tool has been around the industry for years and is still one of the most used long knives. The PipeKnife™ is 14″ long and has a 6-1/2″ flattened blade shaft with rounded corners. The PipeKnife™ is made of cast aluminum but has a steel nut cast into the back side to receive the screw and prevent stripping of the threads. Take out the rear plug and you can put a pipe in the handle to extend its length. The PipeKnife™ can use all standard utility knife blades including our ULB582 and DD1086 Extra-Long Utility Knife Blades.

Size 14"
Category Equalizer, Glazing Tools
Item Number GC-1144