Project Submittal Services

Preparing project submittals can be time consuming . At Colorado Steel Sash we can help you gather data sheets, color charts, MSDS, certification letters and warranty information – just ask!

Specification Assistance

Our staff has years of industry and project management experience. We can help you parse difficult or incomplete specifications. We can also bring in manufacturer representation when necessary. When gathering your submittal documents it is helpful for us to have the full copy of the specification you are working from.    

Adhesion/Compatibility Testing

Sealant and coating applications often require adhesion or compatibility testing. We have manufacturer certified staff that can administer these tests onsite. Our staff can also provide electronic test reports to include with your submittals when necessary.

Manufacturer Warranties

Submittal packages often require sample warranties at the beginning of a project, and project specific warranties during project closeout. We can provide the samples for you and also assist you in obtaining project specific warranties from the manufacturer for closeout.

Substitution Requests

We know the drill. Maybe you have a preferred product that isn’t listed as an accepted manufacturer – or maybe the product specified is not the right product for the job. Either way we can help you navigate substitution requests by preparing certification letters, communicating with your project general or even bringing in manufacturer representation for construction meetings.