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20oz Core Cordless Sausage Gun w/ Orange Cone Nozzles 18 Volt

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Manufacturer Albion Engineering

Our most powerful 20oz Sausage pack cordless dispensing gun. Will also dispense 10oz and 13oz sausages. Heavy-Duty dent-resistant steel barrel swivels for dispensing convenience. Built with 21-20 Teflon® piston for Sausage or Bulk dispensing. Accepts standard Albion ladder hook pulls, such as the 310-1. Kit includes: (3) Orange Cone Nozles 235-3, (1) 966-1 Nozzle Adapter (will hold most 32 series metal nozzles), (1) 32-55 1/2″ ID metal nozzle.

Category Caulking Guns, Caulking Tools, Glazing Tools
Item NumberDL-45-T14E