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20oz Core Special Deluxe Manual Bulk Gun

  • 20oz Core Special Deluxe Manual Bulk Gun

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Manufacturer Albion Engineering

An Albion core tool in the bulk gun category. Heavy duty 5/16″ square drive rod, driven by a pair of hardened steel grip plates. Rotating 20oz (14″ long) steel barrel for convenience and durability. Comfortable epoxy coated handle. Double set of oiled leather pistons stiffened by a trio of steel washers for reliable suction during loading and dispensing. Conical ejector for more complete dispensing. Durable 1/2″ ID round steel nozzle. Threaded steel front cap. Gun Length: Empty: 22.5″, Full (rod fully retracted): 36.5″

Size 20 oz / bulk
Category Caulking Guns, Caulking Tools, Glazing Tools
Item Number DL-45-T13