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80oz Core Special Deluxe Manual Bulk Gun

  • 80oz Core Special Deluxe Manual Bulk Gun

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Manufacturer Albion Engineering

Our largest capacity Standard-Thrust bulk gun. Great for standard viscosity to thick materials. Steel Barrel 18″ long x 3-3/8″ diameter. Includes 1 metal nozzle, 3/4″ ID steel 32-35. If plastic cone nozzles are preferred, choose model 103-16 instead. To using plastic cone nozzles 235-3 or 935-3 on this gun, substitute the front cap with 187-G05 barrel reducer and add a 421-G01 Ring Cap. To use smaller ID metal nozzles, add Thread Adapter 27-6 to fit 32-series standard metal nozzles to the existing 221-G01 Front Cap. Cordless 103-15E and Air Powered 200-5 models available. For easy loading from 5-gallon pail use the 504-G14 Threaded Follow Plate.

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Category Caulking Guns, Caulking Tools, Glazing Tools
Item Number 103-15