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Polyken 626-35 Foilastic Butyl Flashing

  • Polyken 626-35 Foilastic Butyl Flashing

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Manufacturer Polyken

Butyl-based adhesive which exhibits excellent adhesion to most metal and wood surfaces. Compatible with most caulking and sealants – does not react to most solvent-based solutions. Provides long-term weather-tight seal to prevent moisture, air, and vapor penetration. Easy-to-remove PE release liner. Paintable aluminum backing. Flexible at low temperatures & stays pliable to maintain a tight seal. No cracking over 1/4″ at mandrel at 0F. Protective aluminum backing allows for indefinite UV exposure. This product is covered by 12-year limited limited warranty.

Unit roll
Length 50'
Thickness 35 mils
Width 2" | 4" | 6" | 8" | 10" | 12" | Custom up to 36"
Category Butyl Products, Butyl Tape, Polyken Tape, Tape
Item Number P260