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Vulkem 360NF

  • Vulkem 360NF

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Manufacturer Tremco

Vulkem® 360NF is a low-odor, VOC compliant, water-cured, rapid-setting polyurethane basecoat that possesses tenacious adhesion primarily to clean and dry concrete, but also to wood and metal. Vulkem 360NF is a versatile basecoat that can be applied at various thicknesses. Vulkem 360NF is mixed with water as the curative at a ratio of five parts membrane to one part water.

Unit Pail
Size 6 gal (other sizes: 6 gal )
Color gray
Category Concrete Coatings, Deck Coating, Elastomeric Coatings, Traffic Coatings, Waterproofing Materials
Item Number V360QC